Byte Media Strategies

The Business of Communication

We are a consulting, analysis and writing/editing firm, focused on:

  • E-books, interactive publications, and cross-platform publishing
  • Print-enabled mobile marketing and publishing
  • Digital, on-demand printing, Web-to-print, and color management

We help companies understand, implement, and promote these seemingly disruptive technologies, by providing:

  • Expert strategic planning and implementation for publishers, printers, service providers, and software developers
  • Research reports, white papers, and case studies
  • Effective visualization (e.g., charts, diagrams) of important data, trends, and concepts
  • Vendor analysis—researching competitors and qualifying potential partners
  • Technology and workflow training programs
  • Support and promotional material, including press materials, collateral, social networking strategy and content (e.g., blogs), and Web site strategy and content

The world of communication technology is changing rapidly and radically—far more than in the time of Aldus Manutius and Gutenberg. Let us help you succeed.

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